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    The object of our study in this book is two fold. First, we are concerned to show the logical foundations of inductive inference which embraces all scientific inferences based on observation and experiment. In this context we have offered a new explanation of human knowledge based on inductive inference. Secondly, we are interested to show certain conclusions connected with religious beliefs based on our study of induction. That is, the logical foundations of all scientific inferences based on observation and experiment are themselves the logical foundations on which a proof of the existence of God can be based. This proof is a version of the argument from design, and is inductive in its character.

    Now, we have to choose the whole scientific knowledge or reject it, and then an inductive proof of the existence of God would be on the same footing as any scientific inference. Thus, we have found that science and religion are connected and consistent, having the same logical basis; and cannot be divorced. Such logical connection between the methods of science and the method of proving God's existence may be regarded as the ground of understanding the divine direction, in the Koran, the Holy Book of Muslims, to observe the workings of the natural world.

    The Koran is encouraging people to scientific knowledge on empirical grounds. And in this sense, the argument from design is preferred in Koran to other proofs of the existence of God, being akin to sense and concreteness and far from abstractions and sheer speculations.

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